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Unity: A state of being united or joined as a whole?

Written for "The Temple Magazine" August 2017


Or “A state of being united or joined as a whole”

Oneness of mind, feeling and agreement.

A place of being so many on this planet yearn for at this time of seemingly endless discord; all of us fighting separately for survival and recognition. And yet we are in truth all one. We are spirit having a human experience, warts and all, the beautiful, the good, the bad, the ugly and the uglier still. We are all cells of the one creation, “spirit” experiencing everything there is about being human and therefore separation is merely an illusion. Just like our own bodies. Cells that have different functions and yet have the same overriding purpose….the well- being of the whole. When our bodies come together as a whole we thrive. When more than two bodies come together as a whole we expand and evolve. Who knows what wonders will happen when we come together as a planet let alone a universe!!

It has been said time and time again that there is strength in numbers and when we do all come together as one mind, even for a moment, we humans have the power to change not only our own reality but that of every single one of us on the planet today, plus the planet and our Universe. Do not forget for one moment that we are made from the same elements that this planet and the stars in our skies are.

Strength in numbers: A case in point comes so easily to mind. The death of the much loved Princess Diana. It touched so many people’s hearts worldwide and in the collective mourning we had a chance to change our reality to a better one. Never had so many people come together focused on the one thing……love of another! In that moment of time the Earth’s vibration literally had a significant and measurable shift. For quite some time after, people’s thoughts changed. We who mourned looked for a softer place in which to be.

Divide and conquer has always been the modus operandi of the so called “ruling classes” they who believe they own this planet and therefore all that is here. Nothing could be further from the truth! We have in fact allowed ourselves to believe that we are separate. We keep writing about this because we all need to wake up and begin to see that we can all live in unity, even with our differences. Once again we will say; let us celebrate our differences and rejoice in our similarities. Let us all come together, unify in our love of this planet, not only as our home but as the home of spirit and whatever that means to you. So from today, regardless of the response you get, look people in the eye briefly, smile and be unattached to the outcome. You may just change someone’s day, even their whole life for the better. Who knows, they may have just been wanting, like you, to get that one nano second of connection and unity… feel that they are not alone.

Follow your hearts and live your dreams,

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk

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