• Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk

Openness: Light, Love and Consciousness.

Written for "The Temple Magazine" August 2017

We all enter this world as open vessels of light, love and consciousness. Ready to accept new ideas, concepts and change. Eager to learn, grow and flourish. To blossom like flowers.

It has been said that adults are merely “decayed children. “ Robin Sharma once said that if you left 5 children alone in a playground together in a short while each would have four new friends. Leave 5 adults in a lift together and they would be fumbling for their mobile phones, laptops etc and there would be very little connection or conversation.

So what is it that we have unlearnt? Why is that we shut down and close ourselves off to others and the world in general? Especially nature. In this day of open, constant and instant communication you would think that openness would be easy.

From early childhood we are taught to be fearful of what others think and say about us. We are taught to be secretive and suspicious of each other. In actuality it is a program that has been put in place by those who seek to control us…this is divide and conquer at a core level.

Instead most find themselves more isolated than ever, hiding behind screens of all descriptions alone and afraid of the world and all in it. Why? For one this sense of isolation has disconnected us from our most basic instinct….sense of self. We have lost who we are and pretend to be who others want us to be so we feel accepted. This is so apparent on social media. Many daily seeking the approval of others before we can approve of ourselves. No face to face contact at all.

In reality there is no separation between any of us and a connection to all there is no matter what colour we are or belief system we have been brought up with.

Can you think of any medium that delivers to you a dose of separation 24/7? If nothing comes to mind immediately think of the evening news….there’s a clue.

We are all now being called to evolve from a head based society into a balance of head and heart. It is only through the opening of the heart that we will find the courage to once again be open as children are and then our whole world will change and evolve into the most amazing place. It is already happening. We have seen so much change already and people are beginning to awaken and challenge the status quo.

Do not be afraid to connect with others and to perform small acts of kindness to people you may not know. Be prepared to give it away free and not be attached to the results or outcome of this act. This begins the trek back onto the path of openness and trust. Not only of others but more importantly of oneself!

Follow your hearts and live your dreams.

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk Mauri Natural Therapy and Authors of the trilogy “Set By The Ancients”


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