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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times:

As we hurtle head long into an uncertain future is it possible that something we have left behind is vital to the survival of human kind? Absolutely! So what is it? For many it is a sense of connectedness. Right now many of us live in a world of separation and disconnection from each other and the Earth. No matter how much new technology is created it will not bring it back or fill the gaping great hole in our hearts and souls. No amount of material things will fill the gap in fact it just works to create an even larger abyss. If we know and understand that materialism has been used as a way of making us feel "temporarily" better and /or hugely in debt. Then what is it we are trying to fulfil within ourselves? We believe that we need to look to the ways of the ancient past to find our way again.

In Arizona within the lands of the Hopi Nation is a place they call prophecy rock. On this rock is depicted two directions for mankind and was carved many thousands of years ago. They saw a time when we would be at a point where we would have to choose between what they called the "good red road" or the road of technology and materialism. One road would lead us to balance and harmony with each other and the Earth and the other to the destruction of mankind. Humanity now stands at this point and how we choose in the next little while will lead us down one path or the other. Many have already chosen to return to the good red road and many others will follow in years to come but are there enough to turn the tide or hold the balance? Which road we are heading down will show itself in just a short period of time from now.

Does it mean that we have to do without technology? No but it needs to be technology that is heart based and for the good of all not just the few. The ancients left many clues all over the planet that this time would come and left markers for us to remember who we are and where we came from. It is our job to REMEMBER and question the road we have been lead down and why? What is currently seen as "normal" is far from our normal natural state. 2 out of 3 people have cancer; animals, insects and birds are going extinct at an alarming rate; weather patterns are all over the place; pollution is taking most of the oxygen out of our air and leaving us with nothing but poisons to breathe; forest, the lungs of the Earth are disappearing all over. These things are not natural states yet we are accepting them as normal and so it will go on if we continue to do so.

Throughout our journeys to ancient tribes we travelled in lands where the water is still pure and clean; the sky, the Earth, the water are all sacred to the people of these lands and they treat them all with utmost respect and the animals too, especially because they provide them with sustenance.

They understand that they are part of the balance and not rulers and conquerors of nature.

So what can we do in our own backyards? We can be part of the solution by growing as much of our own food as we can. Treat all human beings with respect as well as the Earth and all that dwell on her. Spend time in nature. Sit on the Earth and connect with the ground and all around you. Listen to natural sounds more than synthetic ones. Recycle as much as you can rather than buying new all the time. Take time to connect with the ancient cultures and do your best to understand what they have to teach and how they connect to all there is.

it is not too late. Have faith and belief that we can all come together and create a better world. We cannot go back to the ancient past but we can bring their understandings forward in a new way that will honour all.

Remember to follow your heart and live your dreams: Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk

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