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Harnessing the Power of the Unconscious or Deeper Mind Part 1.

The Unconscious mind is a very powerful and often overlook tool. In fact it is so powerful it controls more than 95% of what we do and say. In essence it is more of who we are than our conscious minds. Using the analogy of the size of a pea: If the conscious mind is the size of a pea then the unconscious mind, which is connected to everything, therefore is limitless.

Buddhist Monks when studying deep meditation have yet to find the limits of our unconscious or deeper mind which is what we will refer to is as from here on in.

Milton Eriikson who pioneered many of the modern hypnotherapy methods said that your patients will be your patients because they are out of balance with their deeper minds.

Being able to access and utilize this part of ourselves is critical to making permanent and lasting changes within ourselves for the better. It is a quick and easy process for the most part. So instead of being in therapy for many years you can have your life back in balance within a session or two.

So what is your deeper mind responsible for? What does it do? It beats your heart, it pumps your blood, controls your nervous system and opens and closes the pores of your skin all without your conscious awareness....just to name a few things. It also sets up programmes through experiences from the past, to protects us from having to go through those experiences again: learnt responses. So it makes decisions and creates responses on our behalf and some of those may no longer be appropriate. For example phobias are a loop response from a past event that your deeper mind has set up to protect you and will replay when is a similar situation to the first event. So trying to make changes with the pea is not going to work when you need to access and alter the deeper mind. And you can access, change and update all the old programmes that no longer serve. Problem is we have not been taught how to do this and the conscious mind believes it is all powerful and has not direct awareness of the deeper mind and does all it can to be in charge unless you change that.

How do we access the deeper mind? Hypnotherapy is one of the ultimate tools for doing this whether it is done by someone else or you are taught how to access it for yourself this way. This is not a new process. Since the beginning of time the ancient tribes have always travelled deeply within via a shaman or trance state to find and solve problems and to heal the body, mind and soul. This is what our Inner Journeys CD's are all about. They were created to assist you to go inside, access your deeper mind for specific purpose and solve the problem that you seek answers to. You have all the answers you need inside and so all you have to do is go within to access them: or be guided within to find them and be shown how to deal with them. The true answer will always be the first one that comes to mind. All the others are the conscious mind wanting to take control.

Finding moments of stillness, maybe meditation will help you to slow your conscious mind down to assist you with accessing your inner knowing.

The faster the world turns for you the more important and the more you need to find this time; to find your answers and your sanctuary on the inside. Once you know how you have learnt to take back your power and control of your life. Like everything it takes time and training...the more you practice the better you will become.

So what are you waiting for? This is the ancient secret to inner knowledge, wisdom and self mastery.

jump in now and begin to take control of who and what you are.

Until next time remember to follow your heart and live your dreams.

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk

Clinical Hypnotherapists: NLP Practitioners: Acupuncture and MDCC practitioners.

Ancient Wisdom Mentors and Conscious and Spiritual Guides.

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