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Cutting the Ties: Releasing and letting go!

From Ancient Pathways February 2017

Cut the Ties that Bind:

Most of us at one time or another have had emotional or other ties to the past or even present events that we just wish we could let go of forever. In the Hawaiian tradition everyone we have met in our lives has an energy connection with us. This is known as an Aka cord and are seen as invisible cords that connect us to each other or the event. They can bind you together unless you know how to release those connections. At times these connections are healthy and a necessary part of life. This is how we know without knowing, that something is going on with someone else.

On the other side they can be used to drain the energy of one person to another. These connections can be used over and over wittingly or otherwise as emotional hooks. These hooks unless disconnected, can bite deeper and deeper into our lives and souls leaving us feeling depleted, angry, depressed, emotionally attached to people and events from the past and anxious about the future especially around certain people. Remember that these hooks and cords can also come from past versions of ourselves.

So how do we recognize in the first place that we have these attachments and then how do we let them go? One of the easiest ways to recognize an unwanted attachment is the fact that we become emotional and anxious around certain people or events from the past when we think about them or come into contact with them. You can burst into tears; have anxiety attacks, want to run and hide, get angry, feel drained, exhausted and do things we just don’t want to do.

Healers are especially vulnerable to this type of connection as one is formed with every client. So unless they have the awareness and ability to cut the tie once the session is complete, they can continue to give out energy to the client after the session. The client can even keep tapping into the energy and not even know where it is coming from only that they have more energy. This we call energy vampirism. It is when you feel drained of most of your energy when you have been in contact with certain people/events. Are they aware of what they are doing? For the most past no. And there are people who do know and will use your vulnerability to them as a tool for their own gain. Emotional blackmail is another one and it is very, very prevalent in the world today. We have all been either on the receiving end or the taking end of this form of blackmail. Really common in relationships from families to work and everything in between.

Past relationships are a big one. When one in the partnership cannot let go they can continually drain the other of their energy. In co-dependency they drain each other continuously. It is blatantly obvious in broken relationships where children are involved. The children are used as emotional pawns and the parents can continually blackmail each other and the children.

If you are someone who cares and wants to give make sure your own energy is stocked up first and that you stand in your power and learnt to say NO or ENOUGH with compassion and understanding. Remember that you have the right and the choice to walk away. NO is a complete sentence and needs no other explanation.

Your space and energy are sacred to you and it is for you and no-one else. There is a way to give sacredly and this is called Sacred Reciprocity which we will discuss in detail in our next blog. For the moment you need to cut the ties to all that no longer serves you. That you no longer want to be a part of so that you can get your energy back and stand in your power.

After years of clinic practice we have created a powerful 45 minute ceremony that takes you through cutting the ties to all that no longer supports who you are, from as far back as you can remember. Releasing these connections with love and forgiveness. Honouring the learnings and time that you had together. Then letting them go so that you can both grow and evolve at your own pace. It sets you both free. The ceremony can be done as many times as you like and then every now and then to upgrade. If you want to reconnect with that person you can by thinking of them but it will be on your terms and in a way that suits you.

The other little ceremony that we do when we leave a situation, we check to see if there are any hooks in our etheric body. If we feel there are then we imagine taking them out one at a time and then sealing our energetic field. We have a great way of doing this and we will again go into detail in our next blog.

For now remember to follow your heart and live your dreams.

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk


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