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Our Planet's True History: How we are here!

SOUL TV Episode 288 November 25th 2015. Our Planet's True History - How We Are Here.

There is more and more discussion about how humans came to be on earth and our experts discuss their knowledge shared from spirit and ancient cultures with you. Watch 8pm Tues 24 Nov

Ok! We could write a book on this topic so we will have to reign ourselves in here a bit and go with what can be proven as well as conjecture.

From our perspective and understanding gathered from ancient cultures and our involvement with people who have and are studying our origins, there are many different versions of our Earth’s history. Why? Because there have been other ancient civilizations that have inhabited the planet for hundreds of thousands of years from off world as well as on. The planet has not just been inhabited for 5,000 years as many would have us believe. The evidence is everywhere and there is more and more being uncovered at an unprecedented rate as the consciousness on this planet expands also at an even faster rate. The institutions that govern our planet have their own agenda for the story they put forward and from our perspective again, for us, it has never made sense and we see it as a way of our thoughts and beliefs being controlled or misdirected by those who wish to keep the true history of the Earth secret. Why? Because the truth will set us free and show many for the lies they have perpetuated. This includes our governments, religions etc. and it is why the ancient peoples, their beliefs and customs have been so persecuted and destroyed…they hold the truth of our origins and only now when so many are waking up, do they feel it is the time to come forward and open our minds to greater possibilities. All the ancient cultures we have spent time with say their ancestors came from the stars and name the star system they came from. The Dogon: The Sirians, The Australian Aborigines: The Pleiades, and so it goes on. Most of this has been put down to mythology and the ramblings of a “primitive” race. Maybe that is why to this day we are so fascinated with gold. It houses and stores huge amounts of energy. The First National people of the Americas as well as many of the tribes in Africa talk about the Anu gods, ( Anunaki) and yes they are gods with a little g, who came to Earth to mine the gold and created the white races by splicing their DNA with the native people as a slave race to mine the gold for them, as do the Australian aborigines. In South Africa alone there are as many as 75,000 ancient gold mines some 22,000ft deep. We have stood at the entrance of tunnels created many thousands of years ago that go hundreds of miles under the Andes. Created with a precision that we cannot replicate. So who created all these things and why? Where did all the technology go?

From the day we were born we have been taught that we are all alone in this HUGE Universe. With all the extra possibilities of billions of other planets and Universes out there how can we be the only intelligent living beings? How can many still hang onto that belief? Finally most of us have believed that the Earth is round and not flat…although there still is a Flat Earth society and a very compelling argument for the Earth being a flat disc!

We are taught in our institutions: educational, religious and others to believe not question and are rewarded for repeating the same information. We have been shown in books, movies etc that off-worlder’s are creations of the mind and we have all been ridiculed at one time or another for having a belief other than the norm. Yet we built rocket ships and supposedly went to the moon? Why if there is nothing out there? Also to think that we may have been visited or created by “Aliens” is a scary thought for the majority of people….this is something we have been taught to believe.

The more we delved into the history of our planet as taught to us in Institutions the less it made sense. Science has been searching constantly for the missing link in our evolution. When you put off world beings into the equation that which didn’t fit begins to find a place in the puzzle and it all starts to make sense.

We have been working with people who are now discovering that many hundreds of thousands of years ago people lived in Australia in huge stone cities. The weathering shows how long ago they were built. Many so long ago that they are no longer in anyone’s memories except for what has been passed down to the elders and keepers of the true knowledge of who we are and how these places were built, how the stones were moved. The Elders are on the brink of sharing. We still cannot cut, shape and move the massive stone blocks even with all the “technology” we have today. Yet they are everywhere across the planet. Russia, China, Japan, India, Australia and so forth.

Why are they not inhabited today and where have the people gone? The stories are that many were destroyed by the great flood told in every culture and there have been other floods not just one. As well as other major natural disasters such as physical and magnetic pole shifts. Science knows about those. That would shake a few things up. The most recent being 10,500 years ago. Geologist have proven that the erosion on the Sphinx was created by water and would have taken about 12,500 years to occur. Also in Aboriginal stories the people walked away from the cities and gave up even their clothing as they could see where the energy of the cities and that type of culture, was leading. The Mayans and the pre-Incas did the same thing. They didn’t just disappear they went back to living simply and in tune with the Earth and her cycles once more. We are now at that point again where if we want to survive we need to be doing the same thing, going back to living more softly on the earth and in tune with her cycles and those of the Universe we reside in.

The mind works best when it is open and not boxed in. Begin to go to places that call you, use your intuition to tune in to what it tells you. The Earth will speak to you as all information is stored in stone and bone. Sit on rocks or the Earth and go into the stillness. Trust what you feel and hear. It may take time for you to tune in abut if you keep doing it you will.

The Earth is made up of the bones of our ancestors as well as the stones of her first creation. Stone is the record keeper of Earth’s history. In past blogs we have stated that the Earth was originally created by benevolent beings as a Garden of Eden and we were created by them using their DNA to enjoy it. That is still within us! Then it and we were hacked by other beings that had their own agenda.

Our true history is held in the frequency of nature. Earth is a living library of this whole Universe and it is accessed by the heart. Go into your heart and nature listen, gather, process and align yourself with the frequency of the Earth and you will open yourself to your true way of being, our inheritance, who we truly are. This is one of the best ways to integrate your understanding with ours. And be open to having your understanding changed. We are always reviewing and updating our beliefs depending on our experiences.

Remember your mind is like a parachute is only works when it is open….don’t get stuck in a box of beliefs systems….start pushing the side down and begin to expand your world. It is a fascinating and wondrous world and we are way more than we could ever have believed possible.

March 2021: We will have to write another blog on this subject. Our world is going through a huge awakening and the more we research the more we discover that we have been lied to all our lives about how the world really is and why. Lied to for hundreds if not thousands of years. We are in the middle of a war. A spiritual war. A war of good versus evil. A war for our minds and souls….our lives and the very existence of humanity. There are many who cannot see the war and whose minds are still firmly shut against anything other than 3D reality. They are still under the “program”, a spell that has held us as slaves to literally, a demonic master.

Prime Creator, God whatever you call who created us and is in all of us, is fighting with us and we will win. Many will not survive this war but those who do will move into a future Earth that will be one filled with love and joy and possibilities beyond belief.

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk. Ancient Wisdom Mentors


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