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Japanese Style Acupuncture

Acupuncture for health
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Our Acupuncturist: Paul Hoogendyk

Adv Dip Acupuncture

Registered Member of AHPRA, ANTA, CMBA 

acupuncture for health
Acupuncture is an ancient and complete form of medicine dating back over 5,000 years. Originally it was used for prevention of illness and disease. It addresses the meridian or energy systems of the body with the use of very fine needles. It assists the body through these energy lines to bring about balance and harmony throughout. This enables and assists the body to heal itself and is based on the premise that in a healthy body there is no room for disease. Your body knows what it needs to do to get well and the placing of the needles gives it a helping hand and a chance to re-balance. Moxa which is a herb that is burnt on the end of a needle can also be used. This helps to tonify, warm and strengthen the whole system. Many conditions are treatable with Acupuncture.




acupuncture for health
The form of Acupuncture used in our clinic targets the root cause and not just the symptom. This allows the body to come back into balance and effect its own healing at a very deep level. It is easier then to keep the body in balance and healthy. Especially if a regime of maintenance treatments is put into place, usually once a month is best. This is a form that uses finer needles, and a deep diagnostic approach. It is gentle enough for children to be treated as well. Patients often report feeling deeply relaxed after a treatment.
acupuncture for health
           WHAT DOES IT TREAT?

Acupuncture is a safe and effective form of treatment for many things such as sore necks and backs, headaches and the root cause of many of the symptoms of disease in the body. Other conditions that can be treated include: insomnia, infertility, anxiety, digestive problems, promotion of wound healing, migraines, back pain and so much more!

acupuncture for health
           WHO IS IT FOR?

Pretty much anyone! From babies right through to even palliative care and terminal illness. Most of our clients are drawn to us because they are looking for positive support and care throught their treatments and health challenges.

acupuncture for health
           WHAT DOES IT COST and are you covered by Health funds?
Most conditions are well in hand within a half a dozen sessions. Keeping in mind that traditionally 10 sessions is the norm.  We are committed to getting you better and well again as soon as possible.

Adult Session are: $90 for an hour $70 for a half hour. Children 0 - 8 $50, 

You can save by purchasing 5 /1 Hour sessions in advance for $80 per session.

All appointments are made by calling 02 66252553.

We do not take text or email appointments.

PLEASE NOTE: From 1st July 2021 our costs for services provided will change:

ACUPUNCTURE: Adult $90 1 hour session.

                        1/2 Hour session: $70

                        Child under 8: $50


Yes we are covered by health funds if you have the correct cover.


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