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Healthy Snacks For Young and Old revisited 2021

The pictures below would entice most youngsters and a few oldsters, who are fussy about eating a diverse range of healthy foods to at least try them. Great for summer treats and they won't even know they are healthy. Guess what? Their bodies will! And the more they eat the more their bodies will show them where to get the vitamins and minerals that are missing.

Kiwi popsicle

Belgian Waffles

So be an adventurist with food where fussy eaters are concerned. Remember you are the parent or care person and if you don't offer them anything but good healthy treats and meals then eventually that is what they will eat...even a fussy person will try new foods if they are hungry enough.

The whole idea is to give variety in small amounts. Large full plates of food are daunting and too much for little tummies.

Remember also that older peoples stomachs shrink a bit with age too and small portions will ensure that they digest the food too.

Also watch which foods are their favourites and try not to put too many biscuit type things in the mix. Sweet increases our desire and cravings for sweet foods.

The picture below represents a better more healthy food eating pyramid and I would even go as far as eliminating most of the breads and biscuits that are shown here and adding small amounts of ancient grains such as quinoa. Fish and stews piled with veggies too. Unfortunately most people find it very hard these days to digest breads especially the more refined they are.

Remember to be creative and it doesn't have to be gourmet just enticing and a little bit mouth watering.

My daughter was one fussy eater from the time she was two til four. I found so many ways to hide all sorts of things in scrambled! Eggs are also a complete meal in a shell and a great standby on those tantrum days.

Also it is ok if your little one or fussy one doesn't eat at night....just so long as they have had small and varying amounts of food during the day...often. Have fun with your food and fill it with lots of love for those special people in your life. Here is to being creative. Cheers Phoebe.


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