Paul has did 14years of body work and massage before training in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Brisbane and Japanese acupuncture on the Gold Coast Queensland and Japan. He completed 1000 additional hours to perfect his skills in this particular style.



Both Paul and Phoebe have diplomas in NLP and are certified NLP trainers.

Paul has a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and believes the combination of Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy helps his clients to heal and balance on  much deeper and wider levels.

Hypnotherapy and NLP one on one sessions are designe to bring people back to their own inner knowing, helping them to act on it. It gives the power to heal back to yourself.



The cds were created for people to expand and do their own inner work in the comfort of their own homes and sacred spaces. Based on over 25 years of clinical experience and world travel to ancient peoples and places. They are powerful tools for change.

We also offer private personal life coaching for those who are looking for mentoring.

Contact us at info@maurinaturaltherapy.com for more information on coaching services.

Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk. Owners of and practioners at Mauri Natural Therapy.

We are pround of our skills and our ability to be able to help you

We have been working in and running our own clinic for over 30 years now and also have a combined knowledge and practical base of over 50 years of experience in our chosen fields and modalities.




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