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                      Giving you back your power!                                             







                                                     Our Clinical Hypnotherapist: Paul Hoogendyk.

                                                             Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy; Member ASCH, NHRA 


What is Clinical Hypnotherapy and how can it help YOU?


Mauri Natural Therapy introduced Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP many years ago when it was discovered that it was the way to access the missing link in healing; the unconscious mind.

Most of us use only 5% of our minds to solve our problems, issues and challenges and have never been lead to the other 95%. Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP does just that! NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming which guides you to use and implement more positive solutions, words and thoughts by anchoring them in the unconscious mind after tracking back and taking out the negative ones.

A combination of conversational and traditional hypnosis combined with NLP is used in each session leading you to your own answers and conclusions at a deeper more positive level.









                           Hypnotherapy Sessions.


Clear all phobias, anxieties; helps in weight loss, pain management,

eating disorders, ALL Addictions

enhance self confidence.

Enhance sports and daily life performance . 
Stop smoking and breakthrough any other limiting beliefs and decisions.


Cost and sessions:

Sessions normally take between one hour and 1/2 half hours.
$195 Per session.

ALL SESSIONS ARE PAID IN ADVANCE at the time of booking!

This payment is non-refundable if the session is not cancelled 24hrs prior to the session time.

To book a session you can call us at the clinic to book and pay for your session: 02 6625 2553. No session will be booked in unless confirmed by payment. 

##Please be aware that there is a minimum of 2 sessions for smoking cessation and most other matters.##

 ##Smoking cessation sessions need to be booked through the clinic: 02 66252553 as the therapist will wish to discuss your sessions with you.##


YES your session is covered by Health Funds if you have the correct coverage and are in a health fund that covers Hypnotherapy.



Feedback and Testimonials for our Hypnotherapy sessions.


Hello Paul,

Here is some feedback as promised. Have responded well to the sessions, and after a few days of slight dizziness (re-alignment I'd say) I am feeling perfectly well. No more cravings or even thoughts of cigarettes. Thank you very much, Paul, for ALL your input. I am walking my path again.
Love and Light
to you and Phoebe




Hi Paul, I promised to give you feedback on your 'spider phobia' treatment, some time back in December I think. I did not see a spider for all this time, while previously I used to look over my shoulder all day long and sure enough found one every single time. Since your treatment they must have been removed from my consciousness for I stopped looking and did not see one til the other day. I came across a rather large Huntsman totally unexpected, about 3 cm away from my hand and DID NOT REACT TO IT other than giving a surprised little sound. I did not remove my hand and even went close with my face to see whether it was alive when it didn't move when I shut the door noisily right next to it. This is incredible as my whole remembered life has been overshadowed by spider encounters, which literally did cut my life's quality down to such an extend that I was not going to places any more for fear of perhaps encountering a spider. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR SETTING ME FREE! A HUGE, crippling burden has been lifted. God bless and much love. Natalie

Hypnotherapy stop smoking, anxiety weight loss

A sample of an hypnotic trance induction.

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