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New Beginnings.

Don’t you just love the sound of that….new beginnings! Yes? No?

For some it may create a feeling of fear. For others like us, joy and wonderment.

Why do some fear new beginnings? Maybe because to them it means starting all over again. As they cannot see another way it probably means doing the same as before. And we agree that would be just soul destroying to have to repeat the same thing time and time again.

New means new! A different way of doing things rather than the same old way that so often leads to the same old conclusion, frustration, anger, disappointment, abandonment and wanting to erase everything and start again…..but how can we do things differently?

Firstly it means letting go of the old way of doing and being. Letting go of fear of the new and unknown and being prepared to take that leap of faith off the cliff and into the waiting, calling and, yes you had better believe it, “welcoming” abyss below.

We have jumped off that cliff so many times now we have lost count. Yet every time we did it with complete trust and faith that it would all work out…..and guess what it did. In ways we could never have imagined. Yes we had days when we were scared and questioned our sanity but what we have gained from letting go and moving on into the new, is far greater than anything we have left behind.

Change is the only constant in our world. You either embrace or you don’t. In other words change or something will come along and change you whether you like it or not. So if you truly wish to be in control of your life…embrace change! Welcome the new! Seize and see the opportunity within.

Hawaiian culture will say that every breath is a new beginning, measured between the breath in and the breath out. This also has the added advantage of keeping you in the moment. And how many times have we said and you have heard that the only time there is, is this moment and it is constantly renewing.

As we move through this year have a look at what it is that you can let go of right now and do it. Open your “eyes” …..That means open all your senses to the seen and the unseen and welcome change and new beginnings. Einstein said “you cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.” So change your mind-set to change your reality. Change the way you do things and invite new perspectives in on old situations so that they change and your new beginnings can filter into your reality, your world. Embrace new beginnings with all your being and a whole new way becomes the norm for each and every year, week, day and breath you take and experience.

Follow your heart and live your dreams!

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk Co-founders of Ancient Pathways a company dedicated to personal and spiritual growth through the use of ancient wisdom.

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