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Magic! In flow with the Universe.


Magic…the word, and pardon the pun, conjures up many different things for so many people. To us it means “in flow” with the Universe and all there is. That for us is pure magic. Life just flows. Connection to the divine. When the beauty of this planet is palpable and visible. When you know you are a part of all and all of it at the same time. It may only happen for a moment, a nano second or for months, weeks and years on end…lifetimes too. When it happens you know “magic” is real.

It is not for us the tricks and manipulations of the illusionist but the real magic of creation and being part of that creation and the creating; of life and of being alive; Of the Universe and the Cosmos.

What does that really mean? For us it truly happened when we stepped into total trust. We heard the call of the Ancients and all there is and for eight years on and off, followed our hearts and intuition. Truly connected to the divine. It lead us all over the world to some of the most remote places and peoples and opened doors not usually open.

We are always connected to the creator and the divine and have a certain destiny and path to walk. It is up to us to allow that magic to come through us and trust the process. If we feel disconnected then we have with our own thoughts and actions disconnected ourselves. All there is has not disconnected from us. It is truly there waiting for you to get out of your own way and re-connect.

The trouble is that many people have stopped believing in magic.

If you have seen the “Never Ending Story” then you will understand that it was the “Nothing” that was destroying the fabric of the world and the nothing came out of people no longer believing. In a sense then magic is the flow of the Universe and beyond. It is in everything from the tiniest grain of sand to the rotation of the galaxies, the billions upon billions of stars, universes and galaxies that surround us as well as all the tiniest to the biggest dwellers on this planet. We are so surrounded by magic that we no longer notice it. Our senses have become dulled and we have allowed the nothing to take control of us. Time to start believing again! Believe it and you will see it!!There truly is magic in every moment. Bring your magic into this moment, breathe it in deeply and let go of anything else that allows pain, anger, fear, all of those thoughts, feelings and emotions in. Truly stop and not only smell the roses but look deeply into them, feel them, sense them, hear them!

Bathe yourself in the divine, breathe it in and allow “Magic” to happen.

“Follow your hearts and live your dreams.

First written for Temple Magazine April 2018

Paul and Phoebe HoogendykCo-Authors of “Set By The Ancients” Books 1, 2 and 3. Book 3 is available only as an ebook.


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