• Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk

Generosity: A word for now!


The broad definition of generosity is “the quality of being kind and generous.”

Then what is being generous? Is it giving of yourself, things, time, heart and soul? Is it expecting something in return or is it not expecting anything? It is all these and none of these at the same time.

From experience we know that generosity is sadly lacking in our society today and yet there are some who give too much and can be taken advantage off.

Do you give in the hope of receiving something in return? Be honest when you think about this question. We are not into judgement. It can lead to disappointment and we have so been there in the past. Learnt that lesson the hard way. Did it mean we stopped giving on all levels? No it meant we became more discerning about how we gave. We let go of all expectations we had around giving. Now it always comes from the heart.

Amongst many of the First Nations of this planet there is a giveaway ceremony where you give something but only if it is still of value to you. It is very easy to gift something we no longer need or want. Think about the energy that is attached to a gift that is still valued. We are speaking of gifts not only in the physical sense but in all senses and this can include your time and energy which is one of the most valuable things you can gift to another.

Abundance and generosity are a natural state of being and part of natural law. If you look at a fruit tree and the amount of fruit produced and the seed within…..there is more than enough. But we humans have learnt to become the masters of limitation and restriction and place it not only on others but mostly on ourselves….think about how this may impact on your generosity of mind and spirit.

An in your face example of how our limited thinking plays out is when you look at the homeless and starving on this planet when we all know that there is more than enough to go around for all. Why? Do we believe that there are people who deserve to starve and be homeless? No! The majority of us don’t. So why are our naturally generous natures seemingly stifled? Again it mostly comes from a belief in lack and that if you give away some of what you have you won’t have enough for yourself.

Of course there is that sickness on our world called “greed at any cost” which has now become endemic and it will eventually consume the planet unless we learn to settle for what we need rather than what we want. Learn to be generous with the planet that is so generous to us. Gives, gives and asks nothing in return. Be like the sun in the Rumi poem that says….”even after all these years the sun does not say to the Earth….you owe me!” That is generosity personified!

There is a natural reciprocity in this Universe and as far out as you want to go that ensures that there is always a balance. In other words what you give you will receive especially if you give unconditionally.

Follow your hearts and live your dreams.

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk


First written for Temple Magazine December 2017

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