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Fulfilment: The internal dialogue between your conscious and deeper mind...

Fulfilment: That word means so many things to people and along the way we, Paul and I, believe humanity in general, has lost the true meaning.

For many today it may mean having everything that you need, want and desire and more, more, more.

For us it means having your basic “needs” met and being grateful for that, and whatever else comes above and beyond is icing on what should be, a very beautiful cake.

Gratitude and fulfillment are very closely linked so much so that if you are grateful for what you already have then fulfillment is an easy goal to reach. It does not mean that you don’t strive for things. It just means that we become more aware of what we are striving for and the consequences of reaching that particular goal. In other words what consequences do your actions cause? From the choices of what you wear, what you eat, to how you live. All actions have a consequence and an effect that may seem insignificant in the moment but when it is put together with all similar actions by other people, it can have a devastating effect on the planet as a whole and beyond. And a lot of it is created by us as we strive for what we mistakenly believe to be fulfillment. Look at the bigger picture as well as within your family and self.

There are 3 basic common needs for humanity to meet to not only survive AND BE FULFILLED… but THRIVE: Shelter, Food and Community. In ancient times these were met in abundance and the extra was shared and given back to the people and the planet and it came back over and over.

Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have a bed to sleep in? Do you have food to eat? Then be grateful because you have a great deal more than over 2/3rds of the rest of this planet who have no food, no shelter and have been forced out of the communities in which they lived and mostly because of corporate greed. Corporation owned by a few who already have more than they need.

The majority of people today have been forced or trained into separation, into being consumers and out of creating. What happens when you consume something? I.e. the Earth itself. This is what is going on!

Consumption for the sake of it, is unhealthy on all levels. We have been separated from the Earth that has given us all we have and all we want and still we want more because we are not grateful for what we already have.

At this time on our planet we are constantly bombarded through advertising, peer group pressure (all ages!!) etc. with the things we must have to be happy, must have to be anything really. Inside we know that we don’t and yet that need to have more and more to feel satisfied grows stronger with each purchase and achievement and why? Because it does not meet our basic needs and purpose for being here. It does not fulfill what is in our hearts and it goes no-where near fulfilling our spiritual, emotional and physical needs…because they are “wants” not needs. Let us be clear here! When we say needs we mean that in the sense of us all being spirit…not in the “I need to have that because someone else says I should or has it.” This way of thinking and being is just not sustainable and will mean the end of humanity and the planet if we keep going.

Nothing outside of you will fulfill you……we will repeat that….nothing outside of you will fulfill you. It will be a momentary and fleeting feeling at best.

Fulfillment is the internal dialogue between your conscious and deeper mind as they move you towards evolution. There is a light….so many are now waking up and reconnecting not only with others but with themselves and “all there is” and the more who do the more who will. That is what the minimalist movement is. “THINGS” won’t fulfill you, what is in your heart will. Apart from that whatever you have the only thing you can take with you when you depart this life is your soul. What sort of condition will it be in when you leave?

It is the inner work that leads to fulfilment and the rounding of your soul. We are here to evolve spiritually and that is why the physical things we have beyond our basic needs will not fulfil us because it does not feed the soul.

Please listen to your soul and let it lead you towards fulfillment whilst you have an amazing time as a human… being.

Blessings Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk

co-authors of the Trilogy “Set By The Ancients”


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