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Abundance: It is all around...look!


Funny word that!

For most these days when we think of what abundance means, what immediately springs to mind is financial abundance and most feel that if we have that then all the rest will fall into place…..happiness, health, security, safety, freedom etc, etc.

No it will not! For some of you this comes as no surprise but it still will to the majority of people on Earth today….Ha! And we wonder why the planet is in such a mess as the majority still strive towards financial abundance under the guise of personal freedom regardless of the cost and consequences to others and the planet as a whole.

So what then does abundance mean to us? Basically, for us it means having all our needs met as opposed to having everything we want. There is the difference. Once you have everything you need such as a roof over your head, clean water, a place to sleep and food, you have everything you need, you are abundant. All the rest is “I want”!

How many people overstretch what they have financially and in other ways, in order to appear “successful”? That is not abundance! On the other hand you have extremely wealthy people who live like paupers, afraid to spend in case they lose it. This is not abundance!

We speak from experience as we have been on both ends of the scale….from having a few dollars a week for food to being multi-millionaires. We know what it is like. We also know that more money can give you more choices but it does not change how you feel about yourself on the inside. It does not bring happiness etc if you do not have it already. We now happily live somewhere in-between….lol!

This planet and the Universe’s natural state is “abundance”. Look around you…..there are billions of stars, millions of seeds in a plant ready to produce millions of other plants.

The structure that we have been taught to live in is one of “scare”city. We are taught constantly to feel we do not have enough or will not have enough or are not enough. ENOUGH already!!

If we lived the way we are supposed to live as a supportive, loving collective of consciousness then there would be plenty for all and the planet and all would be thriving! That was the original plan for us all until along came a rogue cell or two and decided that they wanted it all for themselves and to hell with everyone else…..and guess what! We let them. So now we live in what we think is a place of constant need. We have become the “masters of limitation” to quote that famous and very loud off world being “Bashar”.

Fear not it can change and quickly if you allow yourself to look around at what you already have. Truly stop and look not at what you don’t have but what you do and be grateful for it. Gratitude is the first step towards inner abundance…..the place that true abundance stems from…within you. How you feel and think about yourself and your world will allow abundance to flourish. If you focus on what you don’t have, you won’t have, and if you focus on what you do have… you will create more. Remember we are all eternal, immortal, Universal and limitless beings…how can we not be abundant!

Follow your heart and live your dreams

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk

First written for Temple Magazine March 2018


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