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Set By The Ancients,The Greenstone Journeys Continue Book 2 in the Greenstone Journeys Trilogy and the second four journeys taking the carved Pounamu to the tribe the ancient have chosen for Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk to visit.

Set By The Ancients Book 2

  • "Set By The Ancients, The Greenstone Journeys Continue is book 2 of a story in progress about two people and their spiritual journey. It is still very much a path of the heart, intuition and trust. The Pounamu, the sacred greenstone that came to Paul to carve into its pieces and the first four symbols lie resting in the accient lands and waters waiting for the call to awake. Adventure together with Paul, Phoebe and the next four sacred symbols as the journey through the lands of the "Dreamtime" with the Anangu of Central Australia, to the last spirit keeper of the Lacandon Maya int he wild jungles of Mexico through the ancient Dogon villages of the Bandiagara escarpment, Mali West Africa and to the remote temples of Cambodia, in search of that sacred place for the stone carvings to call home.
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