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Paul and Phoebe are now about to complete the last four journeys of their twelve journey epic adventure, a task that the Ancients set out for them so long ago. Travel with them as they take the sacred pounamu symbols to the Tsaatan in Mongolia and the sacred Lake Khuvsgol,to the Inuit of Labrador and right into the Arctic Circle, to the remote island of Orkney in Scotland and the ancient stone circles during the "worst storm in 10 years"and finally once again to Aotearoa/New Zealand. Walk with them as they trek with 6 others over the Southern Alps from West to East to place the last stone symbol in a sacred lake high on the top of the mountains, as they "sing" the stones up from their slumber all over the world from the Ridge of the Wisdom keepers, Castle Hill. Finally they reveal what they believe they have been doing and why? This is a not to be missed book along with the first two you will be taken on a journey of the heart, a journey of love trust and intuition.

Book 3 Set By The Ancients Singing of the Stones PDF revised version

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