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Sessions can take from one and a half hours to two and a half hours: 


They are unique to each person and can be challenging.


Done through a deep, guided meditation and can be viewed as a series of useful and important metaphors or stories that were creatively imagined by the self to address some vital and important issue or issues in one's life.


The sessions may cover past, present, future, interdimensional, parrallel lives and energy/entity attachment, cutting ties from those that no longer serve you, giving you back to you.

You will be given tools to use to enable you to keep yourself clear and focused.


Your personal session will be both unique and sacred and even though your conscious mind may take some time to understand what happened, your unconscious mind gets it immediately.


A once off session to get you back to you and your path...back to who you are truly meant to be.


Each session is life changing and great value @ $195 paid in advance at time of booking

To book and pay for a session please call the clinic on 02 66252553




Hello Phoebe
Thank you for your amazing treatment. I really do feel light and uplifted. Your advice and instruction on protecting myself with my soul colour is outstanding and working a treat. I can actually see it and I feel comforted by it. Thanks again. 
Kellie x

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