We are not all the same and here at Mauri Natural Therapy we are dedicated to assisting you to find the best eating plan for you. Whether you want to lose or put on weight or just get healthy our plans are designed to your suit your constitution and lifestyle to maximise your health. 



You can make an appointment and come into our clinic for an assessment. We will then outline a healthy eating plan based on what we find and incorporate it into your lifestyle or the lifestyle you wish to live...a healthier one that is!

We can also help you with better lifestyle choices. We also give you a better idea of how your body works for you.

These appointments go for approximately 1 1/2 hours and your investment in your health is:




As in clinic we will assess to the best of our ability through a series of questions where you are at with your eating and where you would like to be. We can then give you a healthy eating plan based on your constitution and life style so that it fits in with your life and you are better able to stick to the plan. More than a diet it is a way of life. We also give you a better idea of how your body really works and how you can look after it yourself.

Your investment cost is:


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